Looking to get certified for FSC Chain of Custody?
Daunted by the paperwork?

I have helped numerous companies prepare for successful FSC Chain of Custody audits—including wood products manufacturers, wholesale distributors, lumberyards, and printers. I have also helped several major wood flooring manufacturers and importers ready themselves for their initial audits under the National Wood Flooring Association’s Responsible Procurement Program.

My goal is to help you get ready for your CoC audit as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. My service includes two key components:

Strategic consultation
Given the nature of your business, your objectives for FSC production or sales, and the requirements of the FSC standards, what makes the most sense for your business? If you manufacture, should you produce a Pure product or a Mixed product? If you produce a Mixed product, should you do so under the Credit System or the Percentage System, and how will you deal with the requirements of FSC Controlled Wood? Can you save money by seeking Multi-Site certification? If you distribute, can you benefit by using a Credit System? If you sell into the LEED market, what are the documentation requirements for the Certified Wood credit and how can you best satisfy them?

If you are preparing for the RPP, how can you leverage your existing inventory control and information systems to make the process of tracking products by RPP Source Type as easy as possible from day 1?

Assistance with written procedures
To prepare for a successful FSC and/or RPP CoC audit, you must first develop clear and comprehensive written procedures that detail how your company will conform to the requirements of the relevant standards, and then you must train all appropriate personnel in those procedures. Because I have reviewed and helped prepare dozens of written procedures covering all types of businesses, I can save you many hours of management time in this process.

“As feedback from an auditor, your work appears to be excellent. The clients are always well prepared and knowledgeable about the CoC process. Thanks for keeping clients well prepared and for making the audit and certification process work smoothly.”

–Bill Ryburn, lead auditor for CoC certification

Download a PDF brochure here.

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