“I’ve worked with Jason as a collaborator on issues related to the development of Forest Stewardship Council certified forest products markets for nearly a decade. He is among a select group of people with deep knowledge of the FSC system and has the skills to execute high level actions within the forestry and green building industries, their respective advocacy organizations, and the funding community.”

Ian Hanna, Director of Development, FSC US

“When it comes to understanding, appreciating, and working with the “Green Community” no one we have come in contact with is better. In addition, Jason brings a calmness and professionalism to the discussion table that really does help bridge the gap between industry partners and environmental ENGOs. I would recommend Jason to anyone but my competitor.”

John Woolsey, VP Marketing, Anderson Hardwood Floors

“Jason’s experience in and deep knowledge of certified wood markets and green building has been extremely helpful to me. He is persistent, focused, and truly committed to sustainable forest management And he’s fun to work with!”

Martha Hodgkins, Communications Director, FSC US

“Jason is the real deal. He understands sustainability as his personal philosophical ground, not as a greenwash strategy. He is also a good strategic thinker and an outstanding teacher and writer. Jason can articulate complex ideas with elegant simplicity. I recommend him highly.”

Lewis Buchner, former CEO, EcoTimber

“Jason is without question an authority on global sustainable forestry: species, practices, principles and certifications. Jason’s leadership has guided the sustainably-harvested wood vision for at least as long as I have known him–11 years. It is through such deep knowledge and ethical advocacy that the trend toward mindful forestry is gaining a foothold in our current thinking. Jason is always generous with his knowledge and his enthusiasm for his subject is impressive and energizing. The green building movement and the legacy of green building rating systems owes a debt of gratitude to Jason for his tireless commitment to the fundamentals of “good wood.”

Marian Keeler, senior associate, Simon & Associates

“Jason Grant transformed our grandiose-multifaceted business concept and basic website format, like a surgeon with a scalpel, into a concept that adapts to the size business we can manage, within the realities and parameters of the emerging marketplace. Jasons’ years of expertise in the green wood industry and his creative flare for business development saved us time and money, in our pursuit of the perfect business plan.”

Mike Capp, President, Woodbank

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