Training for Companies Interested in More Effectively Selling and Marketing FSC-Certified and Other “Green” Wood Products

If you manufacture or distribute FSC-certified or other “green” wood products, then your sales effort should target LEED and the green building movement. I have two decades of experience marketing and selling FSC-certified wood products to the green building movement. As a LEED Accredited Professional, I understand the nuances of LEED and other major green building rating systems—particularly as they apply to wood products. The goal of my training is to equip your sales people with the information that they need to sell FSC-certified and other green wood products effectively and with confidence to green building professionals.

Continuing Education Programs for Design and Building Professionals

I have designed numerous educational programs for architects and designers and have gone through the process of registering them with American Institute of Architect’s Continuing Education Systems, the Interior Design Continuing Education Council, and Green Building Certification Institute so that design and building professionals can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). If this is a market that you are trying to reach, I can develop a customized CEU program for your organization.

Titles of programs that I have developed include:

  • Good Wood
  • Green Build or GreenWASH?
  • Certified Wood & Green Building
  • Chemicals of Concern
  • LCA & EPDs: What You Need to Know

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