Advocacy – Examples

Letter to FSC re: Truth-In-Labelling (Winter ’15)

This letter to the FSC Director General and the FSC Board of Directors calls for action related to improving the truthfulness and transparency of FSC labelling.

Behind the Curtain (spring ’14)

An exposé and critique of the Green Globes green building rating system

A Brief History of Corporate Resistance to the Green Building Movement (spring ’14)

The name says it all

ENGOs to U.S. Senate (summer ’13)

This letter to U.S. senators, signed by ten environmental groups, urges the federal government to continue using LEED and to reject green building rating systems that lower standards for forests and chemicals of concern.

Hold The Line (fall ’12)

This position piece was widely distributed at Greenbuild 2012 and urges USGBC to “hold the line” against efforts to weaken LEED as it relates to wood and chemicals of concern.

Driving Leadership in Performance and Disclosure in LEED 2012 (spring ’12)

This Statement of Consensus, signed by major AE firms, ENGOs and others, delineates the differences and relative strengths and weaknesses of leadership performance standards and LCA-based disclosure tools, and makes a number of recommendations for the handling of performance and disclosure in LEED 2012.

Connecting the Dots (winter ’11)

This report provides a brief history of the timber industry’s 15-year quest to get wood from status quo forestry accepted as a green building material,


Following are documents that provide background and context for the revision of the LEED Certified Wood Credit:

The Forest Certification Wars: What Are They Really About? (winter ’09 article for Cascadia GBC’s Trim Tab)

Alliance for Credible Forest Certification comments on 2nd draft of USGBC forest certification benchmark (fall ’09)

Recommendations to USGBC (fall ’09)

Alliance for Credible Forest Certification rebuttal of SFI (spring ’09)

In addition, the following documents provide useful information related to forest certification and LEED:

Canadian ENGOs Compare SFI to FSC (fall ’09)

Choosing the Best Forest Certification System (spring ’09)

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