Lacey Act Compliance

The amended U.S. Lacey Act bans the importation, purchase, or sale of illegal wood — timber that has been illegally harvested in the country of origin and the wood products made out of it.

U.S. companies will face penalties if they are caught trading illegal wood whether or not they intended to do so. However, the severity of these penalties vary widely based on whether the company violated the law knowingly and according to the degree of “Due Care” they exercised in managing and mitigating the risk of trading in illegal wood. Due care is a flexible concept, but it is well established that the best way to exercise it is to establish systems to assess and manage risk, particularly from suppliers of products originating from countries where illegal logging is a problem.

If you import wood products from such countries, then I can help you develop the systems and procedures to exercise Due Care and train the personnel responsible for their implementation.

  • January 2018
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